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PART 2 - Illusions, Tuesday, July 23rd

2:30pm - 5pm | for teens 13+

Artspace Community Arts Center, main floor art room

Instructed by Chloe Torri


Theorizing Color – 3 part series in understanding color, for teens 13-18**
This series  explores color as a broad resource for young artists. This series of three classes can be taken “a la carte” as stand-alone workshops, or in tandem with each other for maximum educational impact. Students will walk away with a better understanding of the power of color and visual literacy in art.


In PART 2 students will learn about the illusion and interaction of colors, including optical color mixing and color relationships. Practice seeing color, experiment with"Alber's interaction of color", and play with optical illusions. This is a multi-media class utilizingcollaging, paint, ink, and other medium to explore color.

**These classes are geared towards young artists with a foundational interest in art. This class is educational and may be challenging for younger pre-teens, depending on their current skills. This class is great for teens who want a head start preparing for AP Art exams, collegiate level art classes, or students who are not able to take fundamental art classes in high school. Please email our office if you have anyquestions.

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Theorizing Color - July 23rd – Illusions

  • This is an in-person class hosted by Artspace Community Arts Center, located at 15 Mill st, Greenfield, Massachusetts. Unless stated otherwise, all materials needed for our classes are provided upon arrival, covered by the registration fee.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact Artspace via email at or by phone at 413 - 772 - 6811

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