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Artspace Community Arts Center - July 2023

Together, we can accomplish great things

Artspace Community Arts Center is a school for the arts, a home for the imagination in downtown Greenfield. We are dedicated to making music and the arts affordable for all the members of our community, doing so through our passionate and loving community!

Artspace is Greenfield's home for accessible arts and music education, hosting art shows, music lessons, free community events, and so much more! We offer financial aid to students in all of our programs throughout the year, through grant opportunities and community-supported fundraising.

Artspace Community Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that encourages and nurtures the appreciation of and participation in the arts by offering programs and instruction, and by advocating the importance of the arts in education and in the community.

Artspace Over the Years

Our History

Artspace Community Arts Center has quite a long history in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Founded in 1973, beginning its journey up the hill at the original 1880 Greenfield Public Library on 7 Franklin Street. Initially, this community center was referred to as The Arts Council of Franklin County, started by a collective of Franklin County parents seeking more out-of-school arts experiences for their children.

In 2000 the Valley Community Music School merged with The Arts Council of Franklin County, creating the multi-disciplinary community center that we know and love - Artspace Community Arts Center!

Since 2007, Artspace has called 15 Mill Street home, hosting hundreds of classes, art exhibits, and community events.

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The Artspace Team

Artspace Community Arts Center is made possible by our small but mighty team of Artspace Staff Members + Board of Directors, working together to support our instructors, classes, performances, events, and community collaborations!

Artspace Board of Directors

Stephen Hussey - President

Genevieve Lawlor

Andrew Varnon

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