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An exhibit by Chloe Torri

Solo Exhibition - Oil Painting + Installation

October 6th - 27th

Yikes! is an exploration of nostalgia, Millennial Americana, the dotcom boom, queerness, and joy, through vivid oil paintings and immersive installation.
Chloe Torri is a painter & interdisciplinary artist living in Florence, MA.

Opening Reception: Friday October 6th, 5-8pm

Closing Reception + Y2k Costume Party: Friday October 27th, 5-8pm

food - drinks - cotton candy - great vibes

**bring quarters for the sticker vending machine **

My work investigates relationships, self-expression, psychology, memory, queerness, and communication, influenced by the artifice and honesty of the screen and digital occurrences. Often in my work, I reflect on the whimsy and nostalgia of Millennial Americana, the dotcom boom, and the general campy, funhouse aesthetic of my generation. I navigate this life we have created through intense color play, mainly through textural oil paint, and ideally communicated through immersive, multi-media installations. While searching for identity and community, I find myself in a constant toggle between self-awareness and naïvety, working through digital lexicon, and the caricatures of life we have created.
- Chloe Torri
courtesy of the Artist's Website
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