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Teaching + Renting
at Artspace

How to become a teacher at Artspace

At Artspace, we have a variety of ways where you can become a leader, a mentor, or a tutor through music, performing arts, and visual arts. We currently have two main ways for creatives to begin instructing at Artspace. The first is to Propose an Independent Course, the second option is to Propose a Sponsored Course.

Please read on to see which method works best for you!

Propose an Independent Course

For instructors renting space where all instructions, plans, materials, advertising, and registration management and collection will go through the instructor directly.

Propose a Sponsored Course

Artspace is acting as a "sponsor" to a class for which we will provide some materials (arranged ahead of time), advertising, registration management, fee collection and instructors will provide the course plan/instruction, some materials and be paid hourly at our current rate of 30/hr to include set up and clean up. No associated space rental cost.

Need Some Extra Space? We've Got You Covered!

Looking to get out of the house for a jam session? Need a change of scenery for your piano practice? How about a place to meet with your yoga group? From music practice rooms to a dance studio, art rooms to a grassy backyard...
...we are happy to share our space with you!

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