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Creativity in Recovery Expressed Artistically Through our Experience
The Recover Project Group Exhibition

November 17th - December 23rd

The Mission:
The RECOVER Project is a welcoming community that supports substance use recovery by sharing the wisdom of our lived experience. We strive to create conditions for a safe environment. We seek to strengthen our community by encouraging full participation. Through advocacy and connection, we overcome barriers and promote the reality that recovery is possible for all. Participate, Grow, RECOVER

The Vision:

The peer recovery movement is exploding across this country and throughout the world. The fact that peer recovery has been happening in Greenfield since 2003 is a big story. Our vision is to create a net of recovery-informed organizations and individuals throughout Greenfield. This net will be ever widening, ever deepening, to allow for sustained recovery by removing barriers that exist via stigma, outdated social policies, antiquated healthcare practices, and commonplace ignorance. We carry hope, opportunity, and experience to anyone seeking help with our mantra: participate, grow, RECOVER!
Statements courtesy of The Recover Project, 68 Federal Street, Greenfield, MA

"We have decided to develop a strategy to effectively change social attitudes towards addiction. We have done this by creatively expressing ourselves, our bodies and our minds through art music dance and yoga. Spending our time together as peers, we stand by a code of ethics to create that safe space where we can nurture and develop our creative interests. Anything is better than substance use so we perform daily tasks to keep ourselves busy doing. Being. Know us, observe our work, and decide for yourselves is this a good way to stay sober and off drugs? This is how we represent ourselves. Enjoy!”

-Taaniel Herberger-Brown, showcasing artist

Participate, Grow, RECOVER
- courtesy of the Recover Project
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